Apparently there is an election going on.

So what are Britain’s political parties doing to stop people getting ripped off on energy?

Here is… The Big Deal 2017 General Election Summary! There’s even a vote at the end.


The Tories have promised a price cap on energy bills, drawing accusations of ‘socialism’.

This cap could benefit the 70% of British consumers who are on the worst deal with their capitalist oppressor – sorry, their energy supplier.

These people would all save £100 each under a price cap, says Theresa May.

For a party said to be in the pocket of big business, the Tories sure seem comfortable upsetting the fat cats here.

Executives from energy companies and comparison sites DID THEIR ABSOLUTE NUT when the price cap was announced.

“It’s as though some people in government just don’t believe in free markets” sobbed the boss of British Gas.


The Labour Party howled its own protest… mainly because the Tories nicked their idea!

When ‘Red’ Ed Miliband (remember him?) promised a price cap in 2013, David Cameron dismissed him as living in a ‘Marxist Universe’.

Four years later, Comrade May is planning a Great Leap Forward for all energy customers, the Shadow Chancellor is waving Mao’s Little Red Book in the Houses of Parliament and David Cameron is on the last chopper out of Saigon.

The price cap is popular. And now everyone is trying to take credit for it.

We know how Labour must feel. It’s like when you whisper a good joke at a party, only drawing slight mirth from a small group…

Then someone else tells your joke to the whole party and gets massive LOLs all round!

What do you do in that situation?

You grab the bloody mic and shout an even louder version of the same joke!

So Labour have announced they will go beyond a mere price cap on the highest tariffs…

They will also appoint publicly-owned energy companies to keep the cheapest prices low too.

This calls into question whether the public trusts business to deliver anything at all. Big stuff.


What about the Liberal Democrats?

What are the Lib Dems doing to help families worried about soaring energy bills?

They are legalising marijuana.

So you might be getting ripped off badly but at least you won’t care as much.

That said, home growers will have to consider switching their energy quite urgently.

“Winston switched with the Big Deal and saved £56,789!”


So where do we stand?

Big Deal backs the price cap, whether it’s Labour or the Conservatives who deliver.

Millions of people will remain on their supplier’s worst deal forever, no matter how many people tell them to switch. These people are getting ripped off royally.

They are our friends, our parents, our kids… and our government must protect them.

Make no mistake however: the best thing to do is switch.

But that’s not the political question of the day…

WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE PRICE CAP? Let us know in the comments below!

We’ll be interested to hear your opinion.

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  1. I have already said that I thought all of these people,were already supposed to be working for the welfare of the people of Britain, instead of using tactics like this to bolster their chances to remain in over paid jobs,they don’t have to worry about the cost,but the plebs do.

  2. Can’t support a cap, it will work opposite way to minimum wage, where the cap set will be minimum offered by all that no company will fall below and offer better deals.
    Long overdue cannabis decriminalisation, just beware people saying the public don’t want this, when they mean themselves and are only speaking as such.

  3. What about Nicola Sturgeon? Many of us live in Scotland and don’t want any Westminster input at all. Additionally, many of us in the Highlands are limited with our suppliers and our supplies, who do you suggest we switch to please?

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