We all make New Year’s resolutions. But what about Britain’s big energy companies? Now those guys really should think about turning over a new leaf.

So here are the three things we want energy fatcats to do in 2017. What do you think?

1. Automatically move customers to the best tariff:

As soon as a fixed term energy deal ends, and without much warning, you’re rolled onto a supplier’s ‘standard variable tariff’.

But it’s not ‘standard’ – it’s up to 50% more expensive. This can cost you £350 more every year. [1]

That’s why Big Deal always tells you when you need to switch again. We don’t want you on the worst deal, we want you on the best one!

2. Make bills easy to understand:

You know just how jam-packed energy bills can be. 7 or 8 pages of gobbledegook. Are people seriously expected to read all that? To understand it all?!

60% of people are confused by their bills. Even worse, half of us are unaware that bills signpost our supplier’s cheapest tariff. [2]

That’s why Big Deal always makes things super simple. Getting the right price for your energy doesn’t need to be complicated!

3. Don’t charge loyal customers the most money:

We think that loyalty should be rewarded, not punished. Unfortunately that’s not a feeling shared by some energy companies.

Customers who have remained loyal to their energy company for five to ten years have been rewarded by… being charged an extra £1,500 each. [3] Nice.

That’s why Big Deal is always watching your back. If we see suppliers taking advantage of our members’ good nature, we shout the dang house down!

Our new year’s resolution: to save you money.

Together with our friends at The Sun in November, we moved millions of pounds away from the big energy suppliers. Some people saved over £400!

With the help of our 250,000 members we’re about to do it again.

Collective switching is all about people power – the more people interested in saving money, the more money they save. So we’d love it if you could lend your support.

Would you like for us to go out and see if we can get you a better deal? If yes, sign up below!

Join 400,000 households saving money the smart way...

[1] How your energy bill can almost DOUBLE if you don’t switch when your deal ends

[2] Six in 10 customers are still confused over their energy bills 

[3] UK consumers overpay staggering £18.7bn on energy bills

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