Here at the Big Deal we always try to put our members’ interests at the heart of what we do.

This is why we’ve been looking into the main reasons putting people off switching. 

It turns out, people can be nervous about going with smaller, less well-known suppliers.

This is a TRAGEDY in our book, as that means people stay with rubbish companies and end up paying 30% more for the same energy [1].

We at the Big Deal have always championed the underdog 🐕 which is why we choose to work with these providers, big or small!

Right now, we are working with one of the best new suppliers out there  – Octopus Energy.

Here’s why we chose them and why they are a no-brainer for savvy switchers.  

Four things we love about Octopus Energy
1) They go down well with customers

Octopus Energy have racked up some fabulous reviews from their customers.

They have an impressive Trustscore of 9.7 / 10 – miles better than any of the Big Six suppliers! [2]

2) They’re big on renewables and create brilliant British jobs in the process!

Since 2011, Octopus Energy has built no less than 154 solar farms in the UK  – making them the biggest investor in solar farms.


3) They are here to stay

Who says the big companies are the most stable?

While British Gas are losing more and more customers (that’s embarrassing), Octopus are one of the fastest growing suppliers in the UK. [3]

Octopus Energy is backed by Octopus Investments, who have assets of over £6 billion. [4]

They’re not going away anytime soon!

4) No exit fees

That’s right, Octopus are so confident that you’ll love what they’ve got to offer, they charge ZERO fees if you want to switch.

We like this approach A LOT.

To find out more about our great deal we’ve got going with Octopus –  just head to the and pop in your details

Join 400,000 households saving money the smart way...

[1] Our deal with Octopus costs £895 a year on medium usage. The average Big Six standard variable tariff costs £1,151 on the same usage – that’s 28.9% more.



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  1. I moved to Octopus from SSE and went from £105/month (for my gas and electricity combined) to £49.62/month, no bother, no fuss, they handled everything.

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