Iain Conn is the CEO of British Gas’s owner, Centrica.

The Big Deal team is constantly in amazement at some of the things he says and does, so we decided to round up the 5 most “interesting” facts about Mr Conn and put them in a blog. Here we go…

1. He was paid £4.1 million in 2016

That’s a tidy 37% pay rise from 2015.

It’s also equivalent to the annual energy bills of nearly 4,000 British Gas customers.

2. He lives in a £2.7 million mansion

Iain Conn’s main home boasts seven bedrooms and a £100,000 pool he had built in the garden which costs thousands to run.

I wonder how much his energy bills are?

3. He called British Gas’s worst deals “Good Value”

People on standard variable tariffs are overpaying by £1.4bn a year. But Iain Conn called British Gas’s standard tariffs (which 70% of their customers are on) “Good Value”.

Hmm, not sure we can agree with you on that one Iain…

4. He cut 6,000 jobs

He said the decision to cut 6,000 jobs at the company was “a very difficult thing to do” which he “did not take lightly at all”.

I wonder if accepting a £4.1 million salary was also a very difficult thing to do after cutting those jobs?

5. He oversaw a £1.5 BILLION profit

Centrica, the company that owns British Gas, made £1.5 BILLION in profit for 2016.

How about using some of that to help people save money on their energy bills?

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  1. Ian Conn as his name suggests is a Conman his salary is unbelievable when the share price has halved is the past three years .Why he’s still CEO amazes me.

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