Switching your energy supplier is often seen as a long and boring task. But in reality it takes minutes and you could save a bunch of cash.

So here are 5 reasons why you should switch your energy supplier right now! Lets go…

1. The Big Six are raising their prices

What a surprise, the Big Six energy companies are doing it again. Raising their energy prices, while paying their bosses millions a year.

E.on, EDF, Npower and Scottish Power have all announced price rises. British Gas announced a temporary price freeze on their standard tariff, but customers on that deal are already being overcharged by more than £200 a year.

2. It takes less than 5 minutes

Seriously. It takes less than 60 seconds to find out how much you could save, then 5 minutes to complete your switch online.

3. The switching process is handled for you

So after spending 5 minutes giving us a few details (and potentially saving hundreds of pounds), the Big Deal handles the entire switching process for you.

Make yourself a well deserved cuppa to celebrate your savings, then sit back, relax and let us do the work for you.

4. There will be no interruption to your supply

There is no point in the switching process where homes are left without power. Your energy supply will be continuous when switching from old supplier to new. No need to worry here!

5. The Big Deal has an exclusive offer OPEN NOW

We have an exclusive bargain offer LIVE NOW! It comes from trusted supplier Green Star Energy.

It’s a whopping £238 cheaper than Big Six standard deals. [1]

Oh, and the Big Deal are rated “Excellent” on independent review website, TrustPilot.

Just click below to get your no obligation quote:

[1] The average price of a Big Six standard deal on medium usage is £1126 per year. Our exclusive deal is £888 on the same usage.

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  Comments: 2

  1. 1. What is The Sun’s involvement in this?
    2. I only pay £27 month. I live in the Scottish Highlands. Can you assure me that Green Star Energy can ensure a reliable supply up here? In practice many companies don’t want to know.

    • Edward Molyneux

      The energy supplied your home does not change when you switch supplier and the people responsible for your network (SSE in your region) does not change either, so there is no danger of your supply being cut off by a new company.

      We work with the Sun to help save people money on their energy deals, they encourage people to switch and save money. They make no money themselves, instead their “share” is donated to charity.

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