New data from energy regulator Ofgem has exposed the number of people falling victim to the worst energy deals despite being with their providers for more than 3 years.

A whopping third of all households in the UK have paid nearly £1,000 over the odds. The worst offenders are (surprise surprise) the two biggest Big Six suppliers British Gas and SSE.

We at the Big Deal believe this is an utter disgrace and blatant exploitation of customer loyalty.

The numbers don’t lie – a huge proportion of customers are paying more than they should:

SupplierPeople on the standard variable tariff for more than three yearsPercentage of total customers with supplier
British Gas3,010,87643%
Scottish Power640,69824%

Put simply, if you take out a new contract, the cheapest deal you’ll be getting is about £824 – while loyal customers will be paying a standard variable tariff of £1,151!

As if that weren’t bad enough, big energy bosses have scooped up first prize for shameless greed by giving themselves some hefty pay rises.

Amongst them, British Gas boss Iain Conn, who took home a handsome 40% pay rise last year. [2]

We think this is hugely unfair and if you do too then sign our petition below to get Theresa May’s government to do more to crack down on excessive executive pay:

[1] Ofgem, 31/08/17


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