Take a moment to think about your energy provider. I know it’s not very exciting but humour us.

How long have you been with them? 10 years maybe, 5 perhaps, what about 2?

No matter how long you’ve been with them you should be rewarded for your loyalty. Shouldn’t you?


So if I told you that British Gas we’re offering discounts on Sky TV for their loyal customers what would you say?

“Great, I deserve it.”

What if I told you something else, that 70% of British Gas’s loyal customers are on their worst possible deal, the standard tariff?

“Disgraceful, I should be rewarded not punished.”

You’re right! What would you say now if I said they were offering their loyal customers discounts off Sky TV?

“Ridiculous, give me a better energy deal instead.”

And as if that wasn’t enough, what if I told you that last year British Gas did offer a massive £390 discount off their standard prices, but only to new customers?”

“That’s awful, why didn’t I get that deal?”

What would you say if I told you by switching away from British Gas today could save you £200.[1]

“Sign me up. I don’t even have Sky TV.”

The Big Deal thinks that this loyalty scheme is an insult to your intelligence as a British Gas customer.

You could save hundreds of pounds on your energy bill by switching away from them, and they think they can regain your trust, and trust of 6.6 million families by offer a few quid on Sky TV.

British Gas should offer energy at fair prices, not television at a vague discount.

Join 400,000 households saving money the smart way...

[1] Saving based on the price of British Gas standard tariff (£1,047) at Ofgem medium usage averaged across all regions against the cheapest tariff on the market on 23rd February 2017 on the same basis.

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