Last month, the news came thundering down on energy customers that British Gas would be raising its electricity prices by a whopping 12.5%.

A luke-warm apology soon followed from CEO Iain Conn who blamed ‘increased costs’ [1].

British Gas must have expected a few stormy media days, before the whole issue would get conveniently swept under the carpet. But we’re not prepared to let this one drop.

Given that on Friday around 3.1 million of us were stung by this huge price rise we’re not going to sit back and stay silent. [2]

That’s why we’re giving you the lowdown on what this really means for energy customers:

Numbers breakdown

Firstly, the big thing to remember is that the 12.5% increase applies to electricity not gas.

To put that in perspective, for a typical household on dual fuel, the average annual bill will increase by 7.3 per cent or £76 [3].

Are all British Gas customers affected?

No. Those who’ll be feeling the pinch will be those on British Gas’ Standard Variable Tariff.

This is the contract you are automatically moved on to when your fixed deal ends (usually within 1 or 2 years).

In other words, the contract 70% of customers are on and the poorest value [4].

So basically British Gas are willing to entice customers with promising deals but when it comes down to their loyal customers, they get shortchanged.

I’m not with British Gas – so I’m fine right?

Sadly, this increase is just the latest in an avalanche of price rises by all the other Big Six energy providers.

EDF Energy, SSE, E.On, nPower and Scottish Power have all announced inflation-busting price hikes over the last few months [5].

If you’ve been with one of these suppliers for more than a year, it’s worth checking that you’re not in for a scary shock in a month or so.

When will I feel the impact?

Energy Bill Doomsday was last Friday, 15th of September, so the impact of the rise will sadly come crashing down on to your next British gas bill :(.

Should we put up with this?

The energy industry is not exactly famous for transparency.

We’re fighting for a better and fairer energy market and that’s why customers’ knowing whats what with their money is number 1 on our agenda.

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