It’s a bit of a mouthful but a collective switch is actually a very simple concept.

It’s essentially bulk buying for gas and electricity. If consumers form a big group, they can get a better deal.

The more people that sign up to the collective switch, the more bargaining power they have. And that means the cheaper the electricity and gas they can get. There’s power in numbers!

We’ve been doing people powered collective switching for several years. We now have 400,000 members and saved them a total of £15 million. That’s a hell of a lot of purchasing power!

The average saving per family is nigh on £300. And the best bit is that it is hassle free. You just join the group for free and with zero obligations by giving us your email address and postcode. That’s it.

Then we go speak to every energy company in the country and negotiate the best possible deal for the collective switchers.

Once we’ve got the best deal we can we bring it straight to our members and you can decide if you want to take it. Noone has to if they don’t want to.

We were one of the very first people to do collective switches. But collective switching is now more and more mainstream with many other organisations following the Big Deal’s lead and doing their own switches. You may have seen ones run by your local council or price comparison websites. 

But we’re different for three reasons:

  1. We always show you every deal in the market so you can compare how good our deal is compared to everything else out there. That’s only fair and transparent. Unfortunately if others don’t do that and just tell you to take their deal, you can be sure it’s because there are lots of better deals out there! 
  2. We’re also the first and only people who do Clean Energy Switches. That’s where we use people power to bargain to reduce the cost of green energy. That means you can go green and save money! A great way to go 100% renewable, help the planet and help yourself too. Read more about our green switches here.
  3. We only do deals with smaller independent energy companies who really care about their customers and don’t rip them off.

Other collective switches are very happy to do deals with the Big 6 energy companies who rip off the old and vulnerable to boost their profits.

That’s not right. So if you want to get involved in our people power movement of hundreds of thousands, save huge amounts of money and hit back at the Big 6 then join the Big Deal for free. It takes just seconds to sign up.

There’s power in numbers!

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  1. Patricia Ayres

    It’s good to know that somebody is willing to take on these greedy companies.

    • Mike McElhinney

      I like the idea but why do Big Deal want to do this for thousands of people as all processes and time cost money to achieve the objectives so how is Big Deal recompensed and what is the minimum number of participants required to make it worthwhile for Big Deal.

      • Hi Mike, we are transparent about the fact we take commission on deals. For the switch we’re launching soon, that will be £25 per fuel. It’s important to note that we show you every deal available on the market, even if we don’t make any money. This is important for consumer trust. We feel that our interests are aligned because we have to get the best possible deal which will save you a lot of money before we make our commission.

  2. Patricia Ayres

    It’s good to know that someone is prepared to take on these big,greedy power companies.

  3. would be nice to know you can trust one company to give a good deal without taking back handers.

    • Hi Lesley. We’re very transparent over the fact we do make a commission on deals, it’s important to note that we always show the entire market when you switch. Even deals that don’t make us a commission!

  4. I’m not a big energy user. My annual cost was £600 a year ,but now SSE are increasing it to just under £700. That’s a big hike. Apparently it was ‘a difficult decision’ for them. Yeah, right.
    As a pensioner on fixed income, I’m less than impressed.

    • Sounds like it’d be a good time to switch, Robin! Are you a member? We’re launching a new offer very soon!

  5. I think it is a great idea, but am uncertain because I am already using Good Energy, a company which is dedicated to using sustainable energy sources as much as is possible.

    • Hi Marion, we have done clean switches in the past and will do in the future. If you wish to only hear about clean switches then contact our support team on the following link: and they will make sure you only receive details on clean switches!

  6. Be interesting to see the difference with my current supplier

  7. Be interesting to see where this goes – My current supplier has just announced a ” non negotiable increase” when I come to renew

  8. I have just switched to 100% renewable saving myself £200 per year

  9. I am on British Gas Duel Fuel Collective Fix Oct 2017, through’s Cheap Energy Club. When I compared it with the past 38Degrees deal that you had, mine was cheaper. HOWEVER, I am SO unimpressed with British Gas in setting me up. I switched in September 2016 and it is now the end of March 2017 and, ONLY now, after countless emails and phone calls from me and opening TWO separate complaints with them, have they ‘sort-of’ set me up correctly. I still have to phone them tomorrow because I still have TWO direct debits going out, one for gas and one for electricity. I have asked them many times to correct this. SO, I am ready to switch. I have told them that I am leaving them because of their incompetence but I have to pay exit fees. I have said that I will not pay exit fees because they have been so useless. Am I bound by the contract to pay these whatever the circumstances? I switched to them because I needed the cheapest deal, but I am now willing to pay a ‘little’ bit more to get green energy (PLUS good service)! British Gas are the WORST. Stay away from them, no matter what their ‘deals’ are.

  10. Your last email about energy switching was in May and I indicated I wanted to be part of it.
    My current deal with GB Energy expires on 03/08/17 and if I stay past this date I will incur £30 per fuel exit fee,Please can you help me?

    • Edward Molyneux

      You won’t incur an exit fee at all. You can switch if you head to and pop in your email and postcode.

  11. Hi Dan,
    Thanks for your reply ref my message about LAMB.
    I will take up your offer to opt out as I am already with octopus energy.
    Keep up the good work.
    Regards Alby

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