Many people hear myths about switching and are worried what will happen if they take the plunge. The Big Deal is here to bust the most common myths and show you that switching is easy and painless.

Myth 1: My electricity and gas could be cut off!

Reality: There will be NO INTERRUPTION to your energy supply. The only change is that you will be paying less for your energy. Which is nice.


Myth 2: If I don’t own my home, I can’t switch!

Reality: IF YOU PAY THE BILLS, YOU CAN SWITCH your energy supplier. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a homeowner or renting, you can still save money by switching.


Myth 3: I’ll be charged twice for my energy during the switch!

Reality: You will NEVER be double charged. Your new supplier will set a ‘go-live’ date. Your old supplier bills for energy used before that; the new one bills for energy used after.


Myth 4: I’m on the ‘Standard’ tariff. That’s clearly the best one.

Reality: The standard tariff is often A SUPPLIER’S WORST DEAL. If you’re on this tariff you are extremely likely to save a significant amount by switching.


We hope this encourages you to take the plunge. Just sign-up below to get informed of our next exclusive deal. If we’ve missed any of your concerns, then comment and we’ll bust your myths too.

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