The challenge to fight climate change may seem like a daunting task. But there are a number of simple changes you can make in your daily life to help. If everyone did something small it would make a huge difference.

Here at the Big Deal, we’ve thought of a few you can consider:

1. Consider your commute

In the UK transport emissions account for 21% of the UK’s carbon footprint! [1]

The quickest and easiest change to make here is sharing the commute to work with a colleague. Beyond that, consider looking into using public transport. Is there a bus that you can take? Perhaps you could even cycle to work – good for the environment and your health!

2. Try meat-free Mondays

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization livestock production is responsible for 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. [2]

By going meat free once a week you’re helping to reduce the production of livestock and therefore emissions! It’s also good for your bank balance: the cost of meat has risen 10 per cent since 2007.

3. Make sure your home is energy efficient

This can be as simple as switching off your electrical appliances at night, changing your lightbulbs to energy efficient LEDs or washing your clothes at a lower temperature. And now it’s getting warmer remember to adjust your heating to ensure it comes on less.

Bigger things can include getting better insulation for your house or fitting double glazed windows. Sometimes energy providers can give you these for free!

4. Switch to clean energy

Clean energy switch achievements

The biggest (and perhaps easiest – it takes less than 5 minutes) change you can make is switching to clean energy.

And we have good news: The Big Deal has switched nearly 20,000 people to clean energy and we’re always looking around for a good deal. The more people involved the more bargaining power we have to get a better deal. It really is all about people power!

Interested in switching energy suppliers? Then just pop your details in below:

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