Everyone’s talking about reining in cowboy energy suppliers. But what about broadband?

Right now, you are almost certainly being robbed blind… by the Broadbandits!


1. Broadband suppliers can put your price up any time they like – and that ain’t right


In broadband, contracts don’t mean diddly. Broadbandits can change your price whenever, regardless.

Customers joining one big supplier last year had no fewer than TWO price rises – an increase of £60! [1]


2. Prices are a RIP-OFF


The energy industry is renowned for charging an exploitative ‘loyalty tax’ to its current customers. It turns out it’s even worse for broadband, as companies like BT charge loyal customers up to a scandalous 67% more than their new joiners. [2]

Essentially what this means is you could pay almost £200 more than your neighbour for the same internet access. [3]

People who switch their broadband save big, while other people get totally ripped off.


3. There are a lot of sneaky charges


Some broadband companies give you 25GB of data per month, knowing full well that you use more. [4]

You also sign up for a specific deal with a shiny price tag, only to find there’s added costs lumped on at the last minute, such as paying for the router or engineering costs.

Broadbandits are also known for tripping you up with different charges for calling different numbers at different times.


4. You DON’T get what you pay for


Perhaps the most irritating part of it all is the fact that the service you’re getting isn’t even worth your money!

The big suppliers like Sky and BT consistently score poorly for rubbish customer treatment, snail-like speeds and poor reliability [5].


What can we do about it?


Internet access is crucial now to daily life. From keeping in touch with family, to doing our weekly shop, to helping our kids with their homework, making us pay over the odds for such an essential service is down right wrong.

Broadband rip-off tactics is the scandal no-one is talking about.

THIS is why the Big Deal’s número uno priority is broadband. We’ve been campaigning for an investigation into a broadband price cap, to stop customers paying over the odds for their wifi.



To lend your support and sign our petition click here: https://campaigns.thebigdeal.com/support-broadband-price-cap/

We’ve also set our sights on getting our Big Deal members a better kind of broadband deal.

We’ve negotiated an extra special broadband deal with Zen Internet, Which?’s Recommended Provider!

Fancy a better broadband? Then check out our Zen deal right here:



Join 400,000 households saving money the smart way...

[1] BT’s two price rises added up to £5 a month. That’s 14% over what was quoted when customers signed.
[2] [3] https://wearecitizensadvice.org.uk/loyal-consumers-pay-too-a-heavy-price-84165d1a1f36
[4] Correct as per the latest Ofcom Connected Nations report 2016 stated the average monthly data usage per household was 132GB on BB and 169 GB on Fibre – this continues to grow year-on-year.

[5] https://www.which.co.uk/news/2017/04/best-and-worst-broadband-providers-of-2017-revealed-by-which-survey/


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  Comments: 7

  1. I’m definitely interested, this will bring another rip off household bill down to more realistic levels ??

  2. If you can better my deal then I’m interested

  3. Charles Hodson

    Definitely jumping on this broadbandwagon if I can, but need to be sure we have unlimited monthly GB as we have four enthusiastic users in the house.

  4. Virgin now charge our household more than our energy supplier – over £1000 per annum. Scandalous

  5. My contract with virgin ended on 22nd November. I haven’t heard anything from them so don’t know if I am now on a new contract, but would like to change to another provider. Can I leave virgin without being charged a fee.

    • Hi Lillian! You’ll most likely have rolled on to a new deal with Virgin which might be more expensive than you’re currently paying. You will be free to leave without being charged a fee so if you fancied checking out our broadband deal with Zen you can take a look here: https://www.zen.co.uk/thebigdeal. I hope this is helpful! Lily from the Big Deal

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