Wrong. Thanks to the power of collective switching you can go green and save money! We use the mass bargaining power of tens of thousands of people to create a special green energy deal from a fantastic 100% renewable supplier.

If you believe in green but worry about how much it will hit your pocket then our green energy collective switches are for you.

Together we strike a blow against the Big Six polluters and for the renewables industry. Here’s a little graphic about our last clean energy collective switch run in conjunction with the campaign group 38 Degrees.

Green energy switch achievements

Here’s what happy switchers said:

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An incredible £1.3 million pounds was saved in total! An average saving of £136 per family!


The first of it’s kind, our green energy collective switch got a lot of media coverage! Including the front page splash of the Independent! When it was still an actual newspaper 🙁

Media coverage of the Big Deal's green energy collective switch

You can read the full articles here:

  • Here’s what the Independent said about what we did:
    • “First, it serves as a reminder that consumers, acting together, can find ways of getting a better deal even when faced with a monopolistic market – as the energy market has become – so long as they are armed with the right information. 
    • Second, it provides a much-needed jolt of good news for the renewables business, and green energy more generally. Subsidies for solar and wind have been hit hard by the Conservative Party. For the green movement to draw in more of the wider population, the emphasis on cataclysm – while entirely necessary – must be matched with promoting the vision of a green economy, with new jobs and new opportunities. 
    • Capitalism and climate change do not make for easy bedfellows, but the former is not in danger of being overthrown soon, so those concerned about the latter must do everything possible to bend markets and people towards more sustainable habits. Let us hope the Clean Energy Switch spurs more bright ideas.” 

We’re always doing renewable energy collective switches. Sign up for free, with zero obligations and we’ll make sure you’re kept in the loop for our next great green energy deal. People power will help you save money and the environment!

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  1. What I would really like to see is the development of under-water tidal driven turbines. We have an endless supply of tides all around our coastline and they are not hideous blots on the Landscape like Wind Turbines. I have a strong feeling that someone somewhere has proved they are a practical project. Making such turbines would be a great boost to the economy as well. There used to be a Hydraulics Research Establishment at Wallingford – surely their successors could look into this on our behalf….?

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