Why did we go with iSupplyEnergy for the prepayment meter deal?

People who pay by key or card have been exploited by the Big Six more than any other customer. No other collective switch has ever managed to get a unique deal for prepayment meter customers. But 38 Degrees made clear that this was a priority for their members.

So we’re extremely proud to have managed to deliver a great exclusive PPM deal for 38 Degrees members that will save the average Big Six prepayment customer £148 a year.

It’s from established supplier iSupplyEnergy a mid-sized British-owned energy supplier based in Bournemouth. Operating since 2012 iSupply have given 38 Degrees members on prepayment meters a deal that is under a £1000 a year. A saving of £148 on the average bill a prepayment customer pays with the Big Six. And the deal comes with out any exit fees whatsoever.

How does this deal compare to other prepayment deals out there?

The top 5 prepayment deals in the country are set out below. Our deal from iSupply is ranked third and just £17 off the cheapest deal in the market. But the deals above it in the market are not ones we’d recommend any customer should take.

The cheapest deal is from E Energy who is under investigation from regulator Ofgem for potentially misleading its customers. See BBC report here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-37517142

Iresa Energy who has the second cheapest prepayment deal and is £8 cheaper than our deal with iSupply has only been in existence for a few months having launched in August and we are not confident that they can deliver for large numbers of 38 Degrees customers. The next best deal after iSupply’s prepayment deal is £31 more expensive.

38 Degrees members have made clear that they expect good customer service as well as a great price. We did not see any reason why that should not apply to prepayment meter customers.

Top five cheapest prepayment tariffs on the market – cost per year for average consumer

1) E Energy – £982

2) Iresa Energy – £991

3) Our deal – iSupply – £999

4) Economy Energy – £1030

5) EDF – £1035

Average Big Six tariff £1147

Saving when moving to iSupply’s special deal: £148

(As of 22 November 2016)

Our great deal with iSupply does not have any exit fees.

What about iSupplyEnergy’s customer service?

We are confident iSupply can comfortably take the amount of customers we are bringing them. After four years in operation they are ranked higher than all the Big Six in Which?’s most recent energy supplier survey and have an average score of 7.2 on Trustpilot. iSupply’s call centres are all UK based in Dorset.

What about renewables?

Although iSupply are not a green energy provider, they are a Voluntary Feed-In Tariff supplier. This means they make regular payments to householders, communities and businesses that generate their own renewable electricity such as via solar panels or wind turbines.

Does iSupplyEnergy pay tax in the UK?

iSupplyEnergy is a British business founded, run and based entirely in the UK.  The founders and employees of the business are all UK based, and all their revenue is booked here – the company is entirely onshore. They are a UK company employing over 175 workers.

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  1. Shame the deals are pretty close as if I moved from EDF I would apparently save roughly 71p a week, £35 a year. But usually sods law intervenes and after all is said and done and you’ve added on unforseen costs it’s not worth the effort for the few pennies you might hopefully save, if it was better than £35 saving over 365 days I’d look into it further Mos Def.

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