An exciting change is coming to energy switching. Auto-switching is the easiest way to get yourself a cheap deal and STAY on a cheap deal, year in year out. Our new service Look After My Bills takes care of the whole process for you.

How is auto-switching different to the Big Deal?

Big Deal brings you Look After My BillsYou’ve seen what we can do for you at the Big Deal, you’re on board, you’ve bought the t-shirt. Our collective bargaining power has enabled us to negotiate exclusive gas and electricity deals for our members, saving them over £15 million on their bills.

But as time went on, we heard the same concerns again and again from our Big Dealers:

Am I still on the best deal?

Could I be at risk of a price rise?

I’ve forgotten when my deal ends!

Auto-switching (or automatic switching as some people call it) makes keeping bill costs down even simpler. Just like with the Big Deal, we keep track of your deal and make sure you know when it’s coming to an end.

But Look After My Bills switches you automatically when your deal runs out – without you having to lift a finger! It’s a no-nonsense way to say “ I want to save money” once and once and for all.

Automatic switching is here to save us from the bill borefest

British Gas price rise is a JOKE

Right now, the way we do energy is totally botched.

The idea that you pay a price for a year, then quick as a flash, your bill goes up threefold with the same company is ludicrous. It’s time to do away with this utterly illogical and out-of-touch approach.

Auto-switching offers a simple solution which fits in with modern day lifestyles.

Few of us have the time or energy to be super on-it with our bills. It’s hard to keep track of it all – every other day another energy company announces a price rise! We ensure you’re always protected from price rises and always on the best deal.

How does automatic switching work?

You give us with some basic details about your gas and electricity. Our clever algorithms sorts an ideal deal for you according to your usage, energy meter type and compared to your current energy supplier. This is updated as soon as that contract runs out. 

Who are Look After My Bills?

It’s the very same team behind the Big Deal!

Our experience means we know what makes our members tick; their biggest gripes about switching and what they really want from a supplier. Our member feedback was actually the inspiration for Look After My Bills.

Not only that, our team is pretty nerdy about all things energy. Not to brag, but we’d be the ultimate pub quiz team if only energy bills were a more popular category!

We do our research into energy companies and only switch you to the ones who meet our high standards.

“One of the big things we’ve championed from the beginning has been turning gobbledygook technical jargon, like standing charges and unit rates, into easily understandable, human language everyone can understand” – Ed, head of customer service at Look After My Bills.

Perhaps most importantly, we also know how to get a great deal. Our members save on average £240 a year with our service.

Auto-switching is the future

There is no doubt this change is coming. People are outsourcing more and more of their personal admin in all areas of their lives. And quite right too. People have better things to do than spend hours on comparison sites. Calling up god know how many different companies. Setting calendar reminders to remember to switch again.

All that can be put firmly in the past.

Look After My Bills is like a wealth manager for ordinary people.

Or as the Evening Standard described us: “a ray of hope”.

Want to try it out? Check out our website Look After My Bills. Or read more with on our What is energy auto-switching? blog.

Or give us a call on 0203 950 1166 and we’ll answer any calls you might have.

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