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  Comments: 2

  1. While this is a great initiative, I do feel like it is missing a fundamental point – that PRICE is not the only criteria that matters. If anything, it has been the competitive drive to bring down price that so often has led to unethical and downright scandalous practices in the corporate world.

    I have not signed up for your energy deal, because I am already with Ecotricity for both Electricity and Gas. I do so, because the Ecotricity invests all of its profits back into creating a greater SUPPLY of green energy, greater resilience and innovation in the renewable energy sector.

    I choose to pay a bit more than your deal, specifically to support people who are doing the right thing.

    While I agree with the general point of The Big Deal – i.e. breaking up the price fixing cartel of the energy industry, it is not enough to fix the problem.

    • Edward Molyneux

      We also offer green only deals with renewable energy I can happily add you to that list if you wish. So you only hear about green offers.

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