Donald Trump has taken a warm, frothy wee all over the world’s plan to tackle climate change.

Now here’s a bit more detail, so you can explain to your great-grandchildren where it all went wrong.

The 2015 Paris Agreement was perhaps the most important energy agreement in history. It sealed a consensus about cutting carbon emissions and channelling money to innovative clean energy projects.

Interestingly, it was not actually a binding agreement. Instead, countries were just obliged to report what efforts they had made.

In this way, the Paris Agreement was expected to work on a ‘name and shame’ basis.

So America’s participation was probably doomed from the moment they elected a president who literally has no shame.

The world’s most powerful country is now stamping over the Paris accord…

…. and we have heard barely a squeak from our prime minister.

France, Germany and Italy have all signed a letter CONDEMNING Donald Trump’s decision but Theresa May? Her signature is nowhere to be seen!

British people stand up to bullies – so why can’t our Prime Minister stand up to Donald Trump?

So much for strong and stable leadership, eh? Don’t we have a right to expect a little bit more?

We have started a petition over at 38 Degrees demanding that Theresa May join international leaders in condemning Donald Trump’s decision to thumb his nose at the entire planet.

What do you think? Will you sign the petition?

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