We are proud to work together with 38 Degrees. The energy industry is so important to our economy, our lives and our future, but it has failed so many of us, and 38 Degrees is one of the few organisations influential enough to make a difference. Not only does that mean harnessing the huge people power of its membership to negotiate collectively, it also means negotiating with the right kind of company.

Not all companies meet the standards expected by 38 Degrees members. As 38 Degrees’ switching partner, we have excluded companies from the auction for many reasons, the importance of which are clear to 38 Degrees members.

We have refused to work with suppliers because of their close relationship with fossil fuels. We have not considered suppliers whose customer service standards cannot ensure a great experience for 38 Degrees members as well as great savings. And we have disregarded larger suppliers whose entire business model is based on the exploitation that 38 Degrees fights every day to overturn.

How 38 Degrees brought their members’ wishes to the negotiating table

38 Degrees made sure we were aware of their members wishes, as expressed in the surveys they send to their membership. For example, 38 Degrees were able to tell us that their members’ top priority was price, followed by clean energy , then customer service. Thanks to 38 Degrees’ careful consultation with their members, we also knew that it was important to many that we find a deal from a small company, and also that we go out of our way to find a prepayment meter deal. This helped shape our strategy, as we negotiated with a wide range of companies over a prolonged period.

38 Degrees dug deeper into what members wanted from a clean deal, so we had a crystal clear picture of what was required. 38 Degrees members said that a clean energy deal had to offer 100% renewable energy and consistently high customer service. These were both priorities: we knew we couldn’t accept offers from suppliers who traded one off against the other.

Many clean energy companies embrace projects beyond just clean energy supply, and 38 Degrees asked their members which of these projects they valued most. For 38 Degrees members, the most important thing that an energy company could invest in was renewable energy projects. The next most important thing was green technology. The third most important thing was a tree-planting policy.

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  1. I am very much interested in getting cheaper energy .Before i join any supplier
    i need to know the tariff , the name of the supplier and the per kWh hour.
    hopefully it will be cheaper than my present supplier.

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