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Do you use your landline to make calls?

Do you stream content on sites such as Netflix and YouTube?

Do multiple people use the internet at any one time?

Is a fixed price contract important to you?

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  Comments: 23

  1. Teresa Richardson

    Does the unlimited phone calls include international calls?

    • Edward Molyneux

      No its unlimited calls to UK landlines and UK mobiles. You can take an extra package that includes international calls as you select the deal.

  2. James Hutchings

    Good deals! I would also recommend calling existing suppliers and telling them that you’re considering leaving. They may offer you an even better deal!

  3. I have been trying to find out a little more about the Fast deal but had little luck with the woman at TalkTalk, who didn’t even know about The Big Deal deal – not very encouraging! Is there anyway I can talk to someone at The Big Deal, on the ‘phone?( because it could be what I am looking for.).

    • Edward Molyneux

      Please can you email edward(at)thebigdeal(dot)com about this, with your postcode and phone number.

  4. I am currently with TalkTalk how will this deal go down with them? currently paying £27.95 per Month

  5. Stephen Shepherd

    Though the Deal is not much cheaper than my current tariff with the PO I was very tempted by the free landline calls 24/7 [as opposed to my current Evening and Weekend deal] but I lost interest when I discovered the Deal was with TalkTalk, whose customer service record is notoriously poor – it currently stands at an abysmal 38% for customer satisfaction!
    So thanks for your efforts on our behalf but I’ll give this one a miss.
    Kind regards,
    Stephen Shepherd

    • We were with Talk Talk, but had problems (do not recall what in 2009) so ditched them and changed to BT. Have renegotiated with BT, but still not as cheap as Talk Talk. The line rental issue I do not understand. How come we do not pay it. Leaving BT will cost, router and line rental. Is the switch worth it

      • Edward Molyneux

        You will pay line rental, it’s just not any extra on top of the price its included in the price. Bt should not charge you with router if you send it back.

  6. I am already a Talk Talk customer – does this make any difference?

  7. Anthony Kennedy

    I am with BT and have fibre optic but clicking the above quiz gave me your cheapest deal but did not state whether it was fibre optic. As I have this already installed by BT, would it make any difference to prices, as I feel BT would disconnect my Fibre Optic??

  8. Pity it’s TalkTalk and only 38mb. I’ll stick with BT Infinty2 for just now (76mb, receiving 58mb)

    • Edward Molyneux

      We also have a 76Mb which you can select as you go through, but remember that TalkTalk use BTs lines.

      • NoBrawnJust…

        If TalkTalk uses BT’s lines, how is it more price-efficient to add and extra middleman into the equation?
        This is called BT Wholesale.
        If there is a problem with your broadband, BT Openreach are the ones to (typically drag their heels and not) fix it.
        Why bother with TalkTalk who are the least-reputable, most barrel-scraping, poor-quality, faulty-router-using, pretend-Fibre-selling, customer-data-losing-to-hackers-and-being-fined-ONLY-£2-per-customer, ISP out there.
        Oh, did I mention that it costs you a LOT to move your landline back to BT (who again, own the infrastructure, thus set the prices, thus competition is only achieved by cutting corners on either quality of internet – bandwidth and reliability) AND/OR customer service. Including the pathetic, broken-by-design-flaw (lied-about-by TalkTalk by refusing to admit it when evidence is all over their own forums) ‘Super Router’ they foist onto customers.
        My ex-GF had her TalkTalk connection ‘upgraded’ to ‘Fibre’. Living in the CENTRE OF AN INNER-LONDON AREA NEARLY NEXT TO THE EXCHANGE (200m away maybe a little more). She was getting about 10-20Mbps, usually just 10. That is medium-ADSL speeds. Not Fibre. She SHOULD have been getting ~35Mbps. That is a 60% too slow difference. That difference in a shared household is the difference between one person being able to use it and more than one person being able to use it for practical purposes with today’s standard services.
        TalkTalk are scum and rubbish at what they do.
        BT are a state-sanctioned monopoly and the market CANNOT freely economise due to this. So just like with fixed-physical infrastructure energy supplies, there are only limited gains to be made. Whilst where is the heavy political pressure to reform such a SEVERELY-CORRUPT SYSTEM?
        Ah yes, ‘rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic’ is the best everyone involved can manage. Shame on TheBigDeal for a missed opportunity – and I mean five YEARS ago when we’d be feeling the positive results today. Shame on TalkTalk, BT, the Tories with their pure lying about being all about competition… utter scum. Shame on EVERYONE who sits here tolerating rip-off Britain. Including those who PRETEND to do something about it, but are too ignorant to know what to do, so box-tick and offer false-prophet type ‘solutions’ instead.
        Good luck paying BT £££ to get your landline back to their network so you can freely choose ISP *INDEPENDENTLY OF LANDLINE RENTAL* (thus specialised and good at what they do, thus not ripping you off one one to subsiside the other service, thus FREEDOM).
        Get a clue, all concerned.

      • Edward Molyneux

        The line isn’t owned by BT. It’s run by BT Openreach, which is a legally a distinct company. So BT broadband use that line or another provider can.

  9. Alistair Hamilton

    My contract with BT ends soon. Is this deal still available?

  10. Your website states that the TalkTalk Fast Broadband deal includes unlimited calls but when you click to arrive at the Talk Talk website, it only states that £19.95 is for Fast Broadband, line Rental and free setup.
    I have been trying to get Talk Talk to agree to the inclusion of unlimited calls but they say this only applies to calls to other Talk Talk users.
    Can you please clarify this with Talk Talk and either remove that section from your website or get Talk Talk to agree to the inclusion of unlimited calls.

    • Edward Molyneux

      The deal is now closed, it closed on 13th July. Did you take it?

      • I took it on 5th July and I have previously sent you emails informing you that Talk Talk will not allow me to change my existing plan with them to include unlimited calls for £19.95. I am currently paying them £24.95 for this arrangement.
        I believe you have contacted them on my behalf but I haven’t seen any sign of progress.

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