We all know the feeling. You open up your energy bill and feel as if the Titanic is sinking in your stomach. I swear it wasn’t that much before? We can’t have had the heating on that much? Did we use the oven every night? (Maybe the raw food diet isn’t sounding as ludicrous as you first thought).

Once again you’ve been spiked by one of the Big Six’s almighty tactics aiming to hoover up more of your cash into their pockets.

Here are some of the crafty ways they try and fleece you:

1) New customers over loyal customers

Once you’ve signed a deal, energy companies lose interest in you (no offence). They’ve already set their sights on snapping up their next batch of customers and enticing them with cheaper deals. And don’t expect any rewards for your loyalty – they’d rather overcharge consumers by a whopping £5.4 billion a year compared to what they’re offering newbie customers [1].

2) Invisible tariffs

Just to add salt to the wound, not only will you not be informed about cheaper deals but BARRED from taking one out! In 2015, E.on, SSE, British Gas, npower and EDF Energy introduced tariffs uniquely for new customers.

3) Prepayment meters 

Prepayment meters tend to be used by poorer households [2]. Not that energy companies care about that – as they charge them up to a £4.65 a week more than people who don’t pay up front (?!)[3]. Energy regulator Ofgem hasn’t been too impressed by this, bringing in a prepayment cap this year, but it’s still worth remembering how little regard the Big Six give to sponging off the most vulnerable.

4) Confusing bills

No you’re not being slow – they do it on purpose! Deliberately confusing more than 60% of Brits when they open up their energy bills is another trick to stop us knowing whats-what with our money [4].

5) Price cuts delays

When do you use your electricity and gas the most? Winter of course! So what do the energy companies do? They wait until you’re wearing all the clothes you own, you’ve finally given into the heating after losing 6 of your toes and then decide to cut their prices AFTER winters over and out. This saved British Gas an extra £39 million in one year just so you know…[5]

6) Sticking it to pensioners

Apparently paying in cash or cheque is such an inconvenience that you’ll be charged on average £79 more each year [6]. Who’s most likely to pay by cash or cheque these days you may ask? As if energy companies hadn’t taken on the role of the big bad wolf enough already – it’s only their elderly customers feeling the sting of this last ruthless ploy.

BUT there’s something you can do about that. By switching with the Big Deal, you’ll be part of a movement of 400,000 people. People = power, meaning the more people that join us, the more power we have in negotiating even better deals for you.

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