Here at the Big Deal, we save you money based on one concept – PEOPLE POWER.

Alone, consumers have a tiny amount of power and are often shafted by the biggest companies. Brought together, the people power of hundreds of thousands can unlock big discounts and cheaper deals.

So, the more people that sign up the Big Deal, the more bargaining power we have. And that means cheaper deals for everyone. There’s power in numbers!

We’ve been doing people powered collective switching for several years. We now have 400,000 members – that’s a hell of a lot of purchasing power!

No wonder we’ve saved Big Deal members £20 million in total on their bills.

We started out in gas and electricity, and we’re now offering broadband. And we’re looking at lots more areas too!

We speak to lots of companies and try to negotiate the best possible deals for our members. That’s even easier the more members we have.

Once we’ve got the best deal we bring it straight to our members and you can decide if you want to take it. Noone has to if they don’t want to.

We were one of the very first people to do collective switches. But collective switching is now more and more mainstream with many other organisations following the Big Deal’s lead and doing their own switches. You may have seen ones run by your local council or price comparison websites.

But unlike most collective switches, we try to champion smaller companies, who are often ignored by the big guys.

  1. Have you heard of Zen Internet? They’re a small broadband company with award-winning customer service, which they offer at a fraction of the price you’d pay with BT.
  2. How about Bristol Energy? An energy company backed by Bristol City Council, that not only offer cheap gas and electricity, but also reinvest their profits in good causes.

We’re also the first and only collective switching company to start looking out for the environment as well as your pocket. We’ve run collective switches for 100% renewable energy, the people power of thousands helped unlock an amazing clean energy deal – meaning people could go green and save money. A win win! Read more about our Clean Energy Switch here.

So if you want to get involved in our people power movement of hundreds of thousands, save huge amounts of money on your bills and hit back at the big companies then join the Big Deal for free. It takes just seconds to sign up.



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  1. Nichola Morrison

    This company is useless if you’re not on the mainland and will still waste your time and take ALL INFORMATION this is just a ploy for information gathering to sell on to other companies!

    • Hi Nicola,

      First and foremost, we DO NOT sell your information to anyone, never have and never will. Any emails you may have got will be from us promoting our deals we’ve negotiated. I have removed you from our list.

      Unfortunately, Northern Ireland is a separate system to the UK mainland, which means we cannot help people switch in the province. However, you can visit another site to see deals available in Northern Ireland.


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