Here at the Big Deal we’re on a mission to scope out corruption in the energy industry in all it’s forms. Some scandalous new information has come to our attention which we believe you need to know about…

It turns out EDF is up to some sneaky tricks to maximise their profits, leaving loyal customers massively out of pocket.

We’re talking a double whammy in exploitative tactics.

To understand how they’re doing this you need to know a little about how big energy monopolies work.

Regional monopoly suppliers

In 1990, when the UK’s regional electricity boards were privatised, the UK’s energy supply was divvied up amongst the Big Six companies (British Gas, E.ON, EDF Energy, nPower, Scottish Energy and SSE).

(The numbers start at 10 to work with meter readings)

We can now reveal that EDF are exploiting their monopoly over their own regions. The very regions where millions of customers were handed to them on a plate!

The EDF rip-off

EDF has a fixed deal out which in some regions is quite good, others not so good. Surprise, surprise, in the regions where EDF has the monopoly the deal is the worst.

There’s a massive £261 a year difference for an average household between the price in Yorkshire and the price offered to those in the South West for the same EDF deal!

Here are their ludicrous prices for their ‘Online Saver’ deal:

EDF – Online Saver Nov18  
Region Monopoly Supplier EDF
Yorkshire Npower £866
North East England Npower £878
Merseyside & North Wales Scottish Power £895
North Scotland SSE £951
South Scotland Scottish Power £1,035
East Midlands Eon £1,048
North West England Eon £1,061
Eastern England Eon £1,063
West MIdlands Npower £1,064
South Wales SSE £1,069
London EDF £1,089
Southern England SSE £1,089
South East England EDF £1,095
South West England EDF £1,127


But it doesn’t stop there. EDF’s Standard Variable Tariff, the worst rip-off tariff and the one most Brits are on is priced even higher in their regions:


Monopoly Supplier EDF (SVT)
South Scotland Scottish Power £1,102
Yorkshire Npower £1,109
East Midlands Eon £1,115
South Wales SSE £1,126
North West England Eon £1,128
Merseyside & North Wales Scottish Power £1,135
West MIdlands Npower £1,141
North Scotland SSE £1,143
North East England Npower £1,144
Eastern England Eon £1,151
Southern England SSE £1,155
London EDF £1,164
South East England EDF £1,172
South West England EDF



Essentially, the more customers EDF has, the more EDF takes advantage, by pricing deals worst for them – ultimately making them more money.

We believe this is outrageous and a blatant attempt to squeeze more money out of unwitting EDF customers.

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