Do you ever have a nagging feeling that you’re being ripped off?

Something you know you should check, but you just can’t face it?

There’s a name for this condition. It’s called Energy Customer Syndrome.

And you’re not being paranoid.

Here are 3 appalling things about the energy industry that everyone needs to know.

This is why the Big Deal exists.

1. There are two energy markets – and you’re probably in the bad one

If you are ruthlessly organised and switch every year, it’s all good.

Problem is, only 10% of us remember to switch every year.

The other 90% – the non-switchers – are effectively in another market. And the market for non-switchers is a pitiless squeeze – as we exposed on the BBC.

If you don’t switch, your supplier quietly puts you on their worst deal.

That’s where suppliers make all their money – from people on their worst deal.

A supplier’s worst deal can be 62% more expensive than their best one. That amounts to hundreds of pounds a year – serious money that you may not even know you’re losing. [1]

(Have you switched recently btw? If not, you’re probably on your supplier’s worst deal.)

2. Loyalty absolutely does not pay

If you stick with your supplier for years, their treatment of you just gets worse.

Show an energy company loyalty and you’ll be treated like a dog.

That is one of the most depressing things about the energy industry.

Last summer, we were on Sky News to discuss how bad this abuse is.

Almost a tenth of British customers have stuck by their supplier for over 15 years.

Their reward?

A gold watch?

A big bottle of Chanel No.5?


All these guys got was…. overcharged… by £3,000. [2]

£3,000 could make a big difference to your life or mine.

Instead it’s in the pockets of the fat cats who run Britain’s energy companies.

Speaking of which…

3. The people squeezing you are stupidly rich

The guys responsible for squeezing every penny out of us are absolutely rolling in it.

Take Iain Conn, CEO of Centrica, who ultimately control British Gas.

He trousered £3m last year, despite decreasing profits, firing 4,000 people and overcharging his most loyal customers by hundreds of pounds each.

How’s that fair?

While you and me are cutting back, Mr Conn is enjoying the finer things in life.

Here he is with a few pints of unicorn milk.

In which he bathes.

Depressing? I know.

Well here’s the good news:

You can make yourself a winner in the energy market.

The Big Deal is a community of 250,000 smart consumers who want better deals with less hassle.

We use people power to negotiate better deals than any of us could get on our own.

Are you in for our next special deal? The more people who join us the better deal we can negotiate. Sign up below – there are no obligations!

Join 400,000 households saving money the smart way...

[1] The Big Deal Co-Founder, Will Hodson, on WatchDog
[2] UK consumers overpay staggering £18.7bn on energy bills

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  1. When is the deal starting, as my b/gas deal is ending in February 2017, please let me know soon.

  2. Almost all providers exploit users!

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